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Our AI-driven business idea validator is tailored for entrepreneurs and startups, a rapidly growing niche with a high engagement rate. This tool's unique ability to assess and provide feedback on business ideas in real time significantly increases its appeal, leading to higher conversion rates for our affiliates.
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We value our affiliates and offer a competitive commission structure that rewards you for your efforts. Our commission system ensures that the more subscribers you bring in, the higher your earnings. Whether you're a seasoned affiliate marketer or just starting out, our program is designed to help you maximize your income potential.
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We understand the importance of reliable payouts in building trust. Regular monthly payouts ensure that you receive your earnings promptly, allowing you to plan and budget effectively.
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As an affiliate, you gain first-hand access to the latest developments and enhancements in our AI-driven business idea validator. This ensures you're always equipped with the most advanced and effective tools to attract and engage your audience.

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    I've been impressed by the Validator!

    … The efficiency and accuracy of the Business Idea Validator are what truly set it apart. Traditionally, a business idea analysis report would take weeks, if not months… but the Idea Validator accomplishes this formidable task in just minutes. This rapid turnaround time has been invaluable for my team and me. … Furthermore, the affordability of this tool makes it a true game-changer.

    Ben Bozorg
    It's actually incredible!

    … Since I've had a play with this tool, I've told quite a few people about it. … For anyone considering to spend the small amount of money to use this Idea Validator, it is a really solid foundation to start your validation with. I would say it's pretty on point in terms of what the information actually provides you.

    Megan Luttrell
    This saves you weeks of manual work and gets you kick-started.

    The Idea Validator accelerates your idea validation by breaking your business down into its component parts - business viability, target audience, ideal team, business model, etc.

    Shannon Murdoch
    I am highly impressed and amazed by Informly AI results.

    … I have tried many other websites for the same purposes and no other results have compared! Now all my data is organized in a way I can confidently communicate everything to any investor. This is something you will not regret on your business growth journey and also very useful/helpful for neurodivergent entrepreneurs like myself!

    Hailey Garfinkel
    Loved it. THANKS!

    We've been struggling for a couple of years with a clear roadmap for a project that scales and monetizes the work we do as a non profit in Mexico, and using Informly gave us a lot of inputs we had not seen, a roadmap and great insights to implement the whole project that will help our organization to have a sustainable revenue model, for $29.99 once…

    Gerardo Gaya
    Thanks for a great service.

    I have engaged your service to conduct 2 separate business idea validation reports, and they are fantastic. … The quality of its output, altho a bit lengthy, was superb.

    Josh Reynolds
    I was amazed!

    It really gave me some interesting points to think about. I was amazed at the detail and amount of information provided to me after inputting a description and answering a few simple questions.

    Kate Fischer

    Fantastic. It was well defined, formatted and drafted for a quality read.

    Krishna Mandalika
    … estimate of my idea's profit potential was a game-changer.

    Informly exceeded my expectations! Their comprehensive service provided me with valuable insights, from market analysis to financial projections. The ability to receive a percentage estimate of my idea's profit potential was a game-changer. Kudos to the Informly team!

    Laura Buchanan
    The team at Informly have done a fantastic job…

    The team at Informly have done a fantastic job with their business idea validation tool. I purchased the full report and it gave me so many creative insights and considerations to launch my idea. It is also a great way to check any blind spots you may have missed along the idea development phase. I highly recommend their services!

    Supun Perera
    Honestly, just fantastic. So quick and simple to use.

    It validated my idea, gave me the reassurance I was searching for but also provided so much detail, in depth, on strategy. The bonus was a few extra points of analysis I hadn't covered yet! Thanks Informly 🙂

    Anik Fombertaux
    Definitely a great tool!

    … Informly is an incredible AI tool to help you fine-tune, deepen, and lay down your business idea into a very detailed, 50 pages business report, covering all aspects from target audience marketing strategy, risk assessment, technical feasibility monetization strategies, and more…

    Audrey Tournier
    Idea Validator is a fabulous tool

    … covers all the aspects of starting a business in a complete and detailed report, organised into sections that will make you think about all the different components of your new venture. Idea Validator makes sure you don't miss anything out, especially if you don't know what questions to ask or what factors you need to consider when starting a new business …

    Julia McCoey
    Couldn't be happier with this AI tool

    Probably the best ai tool I've used with the best use cases. It was everything I needed plus more when validating my idea and creating an investors pitch deck. Will definitely use again in the future with my next business ideas.

    Niko Arts

    Frequently asked questions

    How do I request a report?
    Simply fill in the details of your business idea into the textbox at the top of the landing page or click on sign up and click on ‘Start New Report’ in the dashboard.
    The more information you provide about your business idea, the better the results. Be as specific as possible and give examples where necessary.
    At Informly, we offer a Satisfaction Guarantee to ensure your confidence in using our business idea validator. If, within 7 days of your purchase, you find yourself dissatisfied with the generated report, follow these steps:
    1. Initiate the Process:
      Send an email to expressing your dissatisfaction.
    2. Form Submission:
      Upon your email, we will promptly provide you with a form to fill out, detailing the specific reasons for your dissatisfaction.
    3. Coupon Code Issuance:
      After reviewing your feedback, if eligible, we'll send you a unique coupon code.
    4. Re-Generate Your Report:
      Use the provided coupon code to re-generate an improved report free of charge through our Idea Validator.
    5. Limitations:
      The Satisfaction Guarantee can be utilized twice per customer at a maximum. Subsequent requests beyond the two instances will not be eligible.
    This process is designed to address your concerns and enhance your experience with our service. If you have any questions or need further assistance, please don't hesitate to contact us. Your satisfaction is our priority.
    Yes, absolutely. We take confidentiality very seriously. Your idea is exclusively disclosed to the essential AI algorithm providers for the sole purpose of crafting your reports. Rest assured, it is neither shared nor sold to any additional entities. Furthermore, the AI providers assure that your inputs are never utilized for AI model training purposes and are maintained in strict confidence. Additionally, we periodically review submissions solely to enhance our systems and to verify that the inputs comply with our terms, ensuring the highest standards of service and integrity.
    Our reports are updated each time a user generates a report.
    Users can only download the reports in PDF format at the moment.
    Our business idea validator uses AI algorithms to analyze and generate content based on the information provided. While we strive to provide accurate and relevant information, we cannot guarantee the completeness, accuracy, or reliability of the generated content. The content generated by our AI is not intended to constitute legal, financial, professional, or any other type of advice. It is for informational purposes only. Users are encouraged to conduct further research and/or seek professional advice tailored to their specific circumstances.
    Our platform offers robust customization features that enable users to tailor the reports according to their specific business requirements. Additionally, our AI algorithms are designed to analyse and interpret data in line with the user's input, ensuring that the insights provided are directly relevant to the user's unique business goals and objectives. That said, the customisation will only be as good as the user specifications and input – the more precise the input, the more aligned the report. Users are solely responsible for the use and interpretation of the AI-generated content. We are not liable for any decisions, actions, or consequences arising from the use of the information provided by our business idea validator.
    We partner with Stripe to process payments. You can update your payment method, billing information or cancel your subscription by accessing your Billing Portal on Stripe. You can access this via the Dashboard, under Profile > Billing section.

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